Services and Pricing

Rates are as follows

PLEASE NOTICE: After 10 years of Daufuskie Transit being in service, we unfortunately have been forced to raise our prices for the first time ever due to the economic inflation that we have experienced over the past year. We apoligize for any inconvences caused to all returning customers and customers who have already booked with us prior to this price change notice dated on 03/09/22.

Dock to vacation address:

  • $25 round-trip per person includes unlimited luggage as long as we serve the entire party. ($30 per person round trip from Feeport Marina)

  • $40 minimum pickup fee for round-trip transport. (So if only one person is being picked up, it is $40 round-trip. )

  • Persons age two years old and under are FREE

  • Pets are FREE

  • $15 per person one-way for groups of 2 or more

  • $25 minimum pickup fee for one-way trip transport. (So if only one person is being picked up, it is $25 one-way. )

Dinner transport to restaurants:

  • 15$ round trip

  • $30 minimum round trip fee

  • 6:00pm-10:00pm service times & 7 days a week

  • no luggage included

  • example we will pick your group up at their address and take them to their choice of establishment. Then a simple phone call or text will have us back to pick you up.

LUGGAGE ONLY: (20% Gratuity will be added for the driver on top of the existing price)

  • Less than half trailer $40 one-way

  • Less than half trailer $70 round trip

  • Half trailer $70 one-way

  • Half trailer $110 round trip

  • Full trailer $110 one-way

  • Full trailer $180 round trip

Cash and Card are accepted. Please tip your driver.

20% Gratuity will be added to charge for luggage runs.