Welcome to our reservation page! When making a reservation, please double check the information you are submitting as the drivers will need accurate information such as the numerical address of your vacation rental. Daufuskie Island does not have any large grocery stores so we encourage our visitors to bring whatever necessary for the duration of your vacation. Our trailers on the vans are capable of transporting large amounts of cargo but please include any special items such as bikes or pets in the comments section of your reservation form.

If you need to make a significant change/update to a reservation or need to make a reservation for a pickup that is less than 24 hours away, please first text the number (843)-338-2570 so that we have your updated changes in writing and Daufuskie Transit will manually update your reservation for you. If you do not recieve a response within 15 minutes of your text, then please call (843)-338-2570 to make sure everything on your reservation is confirmed. Be sure to include the original name used for the reservation and the date it was originally booked for in your text message. Be sure to include A.M and P.M in your arrival/departure times. Payment will be required at time of service. Cash and Credit are accepted. Please tip your driver.

20% Gratuity will be added to charge for luggage transports.

Below is our reservation form. You should receive an email confirmation with a list of all the answers you supplied. It may take 1-10 minutes for the confirmation to send. Please Include A.M and P.M in your departure and arrival times when submitting your reservation form.

If you still have questions or require assistance please feel free to still contact us

at 843-338-2570 (Text or call) and we will try to fit you in our schedule as quick as possible!

If you form is greyed out and not submitting you need to scroll to top of form and fill out the Recapatcha.