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About the Owner and Founder

Stewart Yarborough's Family first came to Daufuskie Island in 1921 under the bloodline of the Wards and the Whites as farmers and keeper of the local lighthouse. Stewart's grandmother, Geraldine Ward, was born on Daufuskie. Stewart Yarborough the 2nd was brought to Daufuskie Island just 2 days after he was born in 1967. In the early 2000's, Stewart had come to Daufuskie in effort to take care of his frail grandmother. Geraldine Yarborough would pass on her legacy in her will to Stewart Yarborough in 2004.

After years of observation from the sidelines of his masonry business, Stewart recognized a lack of unified ground transportation on Daufuskie. In 2012, Stewart Yarborough established Daufuskie transit to provide a affordable and reliable source of ground transportation to various locations for both locals and renters alike.

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